Ceiling Baffles are rigid and semi-rigid absorbers finished both face  sides and all edges.  Ceiling Baffles are mounted from one baffle edge  vertically from the ceiling like a fin.   Baffles can be hung anywhere  in a ceiling because all surfaces of the baffle are finished.  Some  baffles can be useful in rugged indoor environments such as gyms or  kennels. 



Model: CB-500
Core: Horizontal Draped Ceiling Banner
Finishes: Rip-Stop Nylon or Fabrics
Sizes: Up to 4' x 50'
Mounting: Grommet
Thickness: 2" (1.0 sabin per square foot)
Density: 1.0 pounds per cubic foot
Edges: Untreated Square
Flammability: Class "A" per ASTM E84
Mounting Surface: Horizontal from Ceiling
Application: Ceiling, Large Volume Spaces
Product Type: Banner - Ceiling Pane