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ESSI Silentspace® Wall Panels solve both interior acoustical and aesthetic needs. Wall panels are available in a wide variety of standard in-stock and custom shapes, sizes, finishes, graphics, edges, core constructions, mountings, and performance features. Wall panels can be flat, curved, or irregular. Almost any edge detail and fabric or vinyl finish is available. Panels are used in full or partial wall layouts or as spot strips and panels.


ESSI Silentspace Wall Panels use rigid fiberglass as primary, nonflammable core material. The greater the thickness, the higher the acoustical absorption (NRC rating). Core material option includes 1/8” tackable surface providing additional impact resistance and surface usage. Wall panels are covered with fabric or vinyl facing bonded directly to the core face. A chemically hardened fiberglass edge is standard. ESSI Wall Panels are available with a galvanized steel frame edge also for non-warping and added strength/durability.

Features and Benefits 

Acoustic Control: Excellent acoustical properties effectively reduce interior noise level. Adds quiet luxury to interiors where people or mechanical noise disturbs comfort, conversation, privacy, concentration and productivity. Appearance: Provides a neat and/or dramatic finished appearance. Provides infinite decor and visual possibilities with optional coverings, wood trims, textures, and decor/signage graphics. 
Energy conservation: Superb fiberglass thermal efficiency properties result in lower heating/cooling and operating costs. Ideal for retrofit perimeter wall applications. 
Low Cost Installation: Lightweight and easy to handle. Factory finished but field cuttable. Results in faster, lower field installation time and costs. Usually permits major interior transformation without expensive altering of building structure or mechanicals. Non-warping and non-shrinking, panel cores are dimensionally inert (not subject to rotting and mildew). Applicable for either permanent or moveable type installation. 
Cost Effective: Lower material and installation labor costs combined with relatively short order lead times combine for a true cost-effective alternative to other decorative interior wall finishes.


Custom: ESSI Wall Panels may be covered with virtually any upholstery-weight fabric or vinyl. Verify customer covering selection with ESSI by providing sample swatch prior to ordering. 
Stock: For speed and economy ESSI maintains an inventory of stock wall covering colors and finishes in the following collections: 

  Fabrics: Guilford FR 701 
Perforated Vinyl: Genon Stipple II

Appliques: Added customizing may be applied to wall coverings for decor and signage. Consult ESSI on factory-applied silk-screened custom graphics.

Available at no charge direct from ESSI. Call or FAX request. Specify by ESSI Wall Model product number, thickness, facing material, core construction, edge and mounting type. Sample requests are normally shipped within two days.

Wall Panels are normally quoted on individual project basis. Quotation requests should include cut list, written specifications, thickness and facing type along with project name or identifier code. Quotations are usually processed the same day they are received by phone, mail or FAX.

ESSI factory and field representatives are available to counsel in correct product type and specifications for each application and installation. Of course, ESSI will also direct you to other more appropriate solutions and sources when warranted.

When ordering ESSI Silentspace® acoustical wall panels, please use this sequence to avoid delays and confusion: 

Quantity of each size (in inches and fraction of inches) in this sequence: 1. Width 2. Height 3. Thickness
Example: Nine (9) pcs. 48” Wide x 
96” High x 1” Thick
4. Model Type 5. Fabric 6. Mounting

Note: Include ESSI Quote Number when completing order.

Time Stock items and coverings are normally shipped in 10 working days from acceptance of order unless stated in writing in ESSI order agreement. Custom order deliveries are most affected by the availability of facing materials. When special delivery date is required, ESSI will coordinate on availability of specific facing material and advise. 

Packaging and Shipping 

All ESSI Wall Panels are packaged on pallets. Customer is responsible for inspecting materials for damage upon delivery. Shipping is FOB. ESSI’s Cleveland, Ohio plant.

Freight Shipping Classifications 

Walls (all but W-105) 
Walls (Model W-105) 
Mounting Hardware 
CLASS 125 F.O.B. Cleveland
CLASS 70 F.O.B. Cleveland 
Included with order 

Materials should be delivered in original unopened cartons and stored in an enclosed shelter providing protection from damage and exposure to the elements. Before installation, panels should be stored in immediate installation area for sufficient time to stabilize temperature and humidity conditions ambient during installation and anticipated occupancy.

Installation shall be done by an approved experienced contractor. Installation instructions are published by ESSI Acoustical and available on request. Installers who have questions should call ESSI for assistance. If a problem occurs with the ESSI product during installation, the ESSI factory should be advised before proceeding with further installation.

Warranties and Guarantees
For a period of one year from the date of delivery, ESSI Acoustical Products (EAP) warrants the products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The parties hereby agree that buyerÕs sole and exclusive remedy against EAP shall be for the repair or replacement of defective products. Buyer agrees that no other remedy (including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages for lost profits, lost sales, injury to person or property, or any other incidental or consequential loss) shall be available to buyer. Buyer hereby expressly waives all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability; EAP specifically disclaims any such warranties. Failure to give EAP immediate written notice of any allowable claim regarding the product shall operate to relieve EAP of liability of such claim. Buyer hereby acknowledges and agrees that there are no warranties regarding the products or EAP which extend beyond the face hereof.