Finishes and Colors


Standard Fabric Colors (1 0f 2)


Standard Fabric Colors (2 of 2)


Standard Perforated Vinyl from Kalahari


Standard PVC: For Models B-150 & B-200 only

Alternate Fabric Source Links

 These are links to alternate fabric sources that may be used to finish  Essi Acoustical Products. Certain custom selected fabrics may not be  suitable for panels and need to be approved by Essi Acoustical Products  for use on certain products or specific uses.

Guilford of Maine:

Maharam Textiles:

Knoll Textiles:

Architex International:

Carnegie Fabrics:

Hytex Industries:

Burch Fabrics:

Luna Textiles:


Optional Back Cut Panels

 Available on the Model W-107 is a series of cuts on the backside of the  panel which create a flexible panel that will conform to radius or  curved surfaces to a minimum of a 4 foot radius. The spacing and depth  of the cuts determine the flexibility of the panel. The radius dimension  is required when ordering panels with this option.  


Optional Scrim Liner

 Available on any panel surface where a light color or light weight  (transparent) fabric demands a white surface below the finish to insure a  proper aesthetic finish. This can be required due to the color of the  fiberglass board (yellow) altering the color of white finishes or  lightweight fabrics that telegraph imperfections in the surface of the  fiberglass board. Scrim is acoustically transparent and will not alter  the absorption capabilities of the fiberglass board.