Radial & Flat ceiling reflectors are used to scatter and redirect  noise energy to eliminate dead spots and provide a uniform listening  area throughout the room. Reflectors can be positioned within the  ceiling to provide multi-level ceilings. Constructed of rigid E-glass  and molded into one piece shapes to combine high impact strength and  hardness with light weight. Essi offers standard 9 Radial Shaped sizes  and 2 Flat Shaped sizes. Standard White Gel Coat, Paintable Gel Coat or  Fabric finishes provides design coordination with other interior  products. Optional (IA) Internal Absorber increases absorption at all  frequencies or (IL) Internal Liner increases reflection at all  frequencies. The 3 point suspension system allows for easy installation  and field adjustment.


Model: Radial & Flat Ceiling Reflectors
Core: Rigid E Glass Ceiling Reflector Panel with Internal Foam Stiffener
Finishes: White Gel Coat, Paintable Gel Coat or Fabric
Sizes: 9 Sizes on Radial Reflectors, 2 sizes on Flat Reflectors
Mounting: 3 Point Suspension, Trapezes Imbedded into Back of Panel
Thickness: Flat or with 10 Foot Radius: 2" Deep Lip at All Edges
Density: 1.5 pounds per square foot
Edges: Rigid E Glass
Flammability: Class "A" per ASTM E84
Mounting Surface: Ceiling
Application: Ceiling Sound Reflection
Product Type: Ceiling Panel - Reflector